New Mazda 6 for sale

6 Exterior


Mazda6 has literally been shaped by a sense of excitement. Its confident stance and athletic form are the vision of our design theme, 'KODO - Soul of Motion'. KODO captures the very instant energy becomes motion. It's the muscular beauty you see when an animal pounces, or when a human leaps into action. Everywhere you look this sporting poise is enhanced by elegant detail. In either sedan or wagon, Mazda6 excites the imagination.

6 Environment


Mazda6 is a step forward for eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars. We've managed to deliver more power with lower fuel consumption. The transmission is smaller, lighter and minimises friction. High tensile metals cut body weight to improve handling and economy. Our clever i-stop system turns off the engine when you stop to save fuel, and i-ELOOP stores braking energy to save even more.

6 Performance


It gives you exhilarating sports performance, yet also class-leading fuel economy. Our unique energy regeneration system, i-ELOOP harvests braking energy every time you slow down, then uses it to power on-board electrical systems and reduce fuel consumption. Refined power comes from a 2.5 litre SKYACTIV-G petrol or 2.2 litre SKYACTIV-D turbo diesel engine. Both give you the responsive thrust you want, without compromising outstanding fuel economy.

6 Interior


New Mazda6 places you in the heart of contemporary luxury. It also places you at the heart of the drive. Controls and readouts are carefully located to help keep your attention on the road. The atmosphere is elevated by uncluttered elegance, pleasing detail and satin-metallic highlights. Each model is crafted with distinct trim colour and texture combinations.

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